Our Vision

We believe that St Paul’s is called to be the beating heart of God’s love in Stockton.

As a Church we believe Jesus’ commandments to LOVE GOD and to LOVE OUR NEIGHBOURS. The role of the Church is to display the glorious love of God to His wonderful world. We are always looking for ways to relevantly show Stockton that the love of God can transform hearts, lives and communities as people receive God’s love and surrender to that love wholeheartedly.


Everything we do is governed by the things that we value the most. We want to be explicit about that here. So these are our six ‘ALLs’ of who we are:

We are All Jesus

We are unashamedly and radically centred on Jesus as revealed in Scripture and the power of his Gospel to change our lives through his life, death and resurrection in order to bring about the Gospel purpose of restoring all creation to his glory.

We are All Led

We want to walk hand in hand with the Holy Spirit, who guides and empowers us in the adventure of being Church family together – wherever we are sent!

We are All Family

We are one family, that makes up the body of Christ, we value the diversity and the unity that this brings, welcoming all with Jesus’ love which transforms our lives as we seek to live them for him.

We are All Real

The Church is a field hospital for sinners not a hotel for Saints, we are real people, with real lives following the one True God with authenticity. We don’t stand on ceremony. Facemasks are the only masks you will see here.

We are All In

God’s love allows us to be ‘all in.’ We are committed. We take risks. We Serve, Give and Live our lives in a way that shows this. Jesus is not just a Sunday guy! We are not just Sunday followers!

and All Can Play!

We all get to take part in this amazing life as Jesus followers. That means valuing participation over performance, seeking to raise up local leaders, resting well, seeing worship as something to be enjoyed not endured, that wants to spend time with God in Prayer.

What We Believe…

Some of you will be wondering why? Why are we here? Why be a church?

We believe… in a loving God, who loves each one of us right where we are at.

We believe… in a God who has the power to transform broken lives and make all things new.

We believe… that this God calls us to be a family together loving one another, serving others with that same love.

We believe… that God walked this earth as Jesus Christ, who in his living amongst us showed that love to everyone he met.

We believe… that he taught us how to live and by his death and resurrection he has saved us so that we can continue living out our faith.

We believe… that the Holy Spirit has been given to us to empower us to go and to love those around us.

We believe… that as he brings us together as a led people. Led to go and serve and to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

We believe that Jesus loves Stockton. Every person here is special to him. And because he loves Stockton, we love Stockton.

We want to see the people of Stockton living lives to the full, being the people that God made us to be.

We want to see the love of Jesus light up this town like a beacon in the night.

We want to raise up risk-taking, life-living followers of Jesus who are sent out to live powerful lives with the Holy Spirit.

Want in? Connect with us.